We specialize in Nuclear threats, emergency management and disaster response.

What we provide


We offer our clients access to a high-end consultancy and advisory services in nuclear security through a multi-disciplinary team of specialists. Our services include emergency management procedures, threat and vulnerability assessment, development of policies and plans, best practices and much more.

Operability of RPMs

Our experienced staff has extensive knowhow in effective utilization of Radiation Portal Monitors and Handheld detectors, from installation and commissioning to putting into service and maintenance.

Training Programs

Trained by various leading organizations in nuclear security field, our highly skilled and qualified instructors provide a wide range of dedicated trainings and Train of Trainers (ToT) programs in radiation safety and nuclear security.

Our workforce skills


Multiple Systems Knowhow

Configuration, operation and maintenance of both TSA & YANTAR Radioactive Portal Monitors and NUCTECH X-ray inspection systems.


Technical Background

Wide knowledge in radiation detection techniques, nuclear security, maintenance best practices and physical protection of nuclear facilities.


Training and interpersonal

Proficient trainers transferring their technical and practical experience through interpersonal interaction and scenario-based learning.


Team management

Experienced profiles leading teams of skilled radiation safety officers, engineers, technicians and nuclear security professionals.

Certifications Portfolio

We gathered people with great knowhow to create a unique team.
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