Introducing UBITREE

Beautifully designed, modular and flexible, UBITREE is the only Web-based ERP system you’ll ever need to control your business activities.

What's included?

File management

Name, handle, store and send any record related to your company or clients activity for effective service and appropriate management of client matters.

Human resources governance

Improve productivity and control organisational changes by governing your company.
With HR Governance, create applicants and employees profiles, generate payroll, follow performance assessment and easily manage leaves.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Make scanned and electronic files full-text searchable and automatically stored with optical character recognition (OCR).

Task administration

Organise your company daily work by creating to-do-lists, assigning tasks to employees and following-up assignments.

Project organisation

Getting clarity of responsibilities in project management is absolutely key.
With Project organisation, create projects and streams, assign managers, organise resources, plan activities and review progress.

File management

  • Smart storage

  • UBITREE changes the way files are stored and managed thanks to a commonly applicable workflow, making it easier for any business to securely archive content while performing normal daily operations.

    Easy access to content

    Seamlessly store and manage all your files while following your company's daily business workflow. Ubitree makes it simple for users, with the right permissions, to find and retrieve business documents within seconds, even if you have thousand of files.

HR governance

UBITREE is one of the most diverse web-based ERP system in the industry. It is uniquely designed to improve productivity and control organisational changes by governing your company.
With HR Governance module, create applicants and employees profiles, assign documents, follow performance assessment and easily manage leaves.

    Follow-up personnel

    Give your HR staff an extensive solution for the entire employee life cycle. Effectively streamline your applicants tracking process from job vacancy to hire by creating profiles, convert them to employees when accepted, assign jobs and responsibilities, follow-up daily activities on various projects and assess job performance.

    Efficient time-off management

    UBITREE lets your employees apply for leave directly online, view their leave balances, upload their doctor's note, easily track their colleagues availability and access all other time-off related information. Scheduling meetings, appointments and events requires only a quick look at the calendar, thus saving time and valuable resources.

    Flexible approval flow

    Configure who should decide about employee leave and who should be just notified. UBITREE has flexible approval flow which streamlines your processes and eliminate paperwork by automatically routing leave requests to managers for approval with just a click.

Project & Task organisation

UBITREE allows project managers to bring focus to organisational goals by aligning people,
resources and schedules.

    Control daily work

    Plan your projects, allocate resources, assign tasks, communicate effectively, never miss an important update and view detailed reports on progress.


UBITREE is designed with the latest technologies so it can be easily operated from any platform with a browser as the only requirement.

Ideally secured

Control accesses and benefit from an advanced security management system down to button level control.

Flexible in every way

Whether your operational process in uncommon or having major organisational changes, our solution can be tailored to your specific needs.

User Friendly

With its very intuitive and well thought out interface, UBITREE is instantly familiar so you can worry less about adoption and more about driving results.

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