Web-based Cheque Book Printing solution for every business

Automated Cheque Printing System

UBIPRINT™ gives businesses of all sizes, ranging from home-based businesses to financial institutions, a fast, economical and easy way to securely print cheque booklets while having control over the entire process. It seamlessly integrates with our chequebook dispensers to take the cheque printing experience to a whole new level.

  ✓ Up to 70% cost reduction compared to outsourced services

  ✓ Increased customer level of service through instant chequebook issuance

  ✓ Centralized approval of chequebook printing requests

  ✓ Tracking of printing request status

  ✓ Fraud minimisation and protection of customers banking information

  ✓ Ensuring conformity to ISO standard for every cheque

  ✓ Unlimited chequebook structure configurations

  ✓ Simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface

Back Office Chequebook Dispenser

CJD 6000 is a cheque printer module capable of delivering fully customisable cheques, both as a single sheet as well as assembled in booklets. This automated innovative solution is ideal for instant customer request fulfillment in branches and mass back office production.

  ✓ Double cheque detection

  ✓ Prints all personal information: cheque number, sequence number, branch address, account number

  ✓ Excellent graphic capabilities

  ✓ Quiet and reliable thermal transfer MICR encoding

  ✓ MICR verification ensuring conformity of every cheque to ISO standard

  ✓ Reads the printed codeline and rejects defective cheques

  ✓ Rejection bin for cheques showing irregularities

  ✓ Collates, staples and binds to professional standard finish

  ✓ 25 cheques booklet completion in one minute

Self Service Chequebook Dispenser

CJD 8000 is a unique self service equipment that enables banks to fully automate the cheque dispensing function. By simply inserting the bank card and following the instructions, the customer obtains instantly a booklet of up to 50 cheques.

  ✓ Fully customisable cheques with high resolution inkjet printing engine

  ✓ High processing speed of 25 cheques booklet in one minute

  ✓ Quiet and reliable thermal transfer MICR encoding

  ✓ MICR verification ensuring conformity of every cheque to ISO standard

  ✓ High capacity feeding boxes for massive production

  ✓ Accurate binding for superior quality booklets

  ✓ Touchscreen monitor, encrypting keypad, thermal receipt printer and bank card reader

  ✓ Increased customer level of service

  ✓ Optimised management of operational and processing costs

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