The most advanced Web Clearing System yet

Unique Web Clearing System

At UBIWISE, we have re-thought the Cheque Clearing concept by introducing optimised clearing processes based on the latest web technologies. Coupled with Rototype’s state of the art machines, UBICLEAR™ represents today the latest and most advanced breakthrough in the Cheque Clearing systems.

  ✓ Plug and run, no installation required

  ✓ Cross platform, compatible with any Operating System

  ✓ Browser-based access from any end-device

  ✓ Seamless free updates

  ✓ Multiple machine control on a single device

  ✓ Modern and intuitive Graphical User Interface

  ✓ Optimized and guided Clearing process for any user profile

  ✓ Advanced security management down to button level control

  ✓ Built-in incident reporting for solid and fast support

  ✓ Flexible and powerful 24h/7 logging system

  ✓ Endless reporting possibilities

  ✓ Check21 standard ready

High Performance Processing

Modular and modern, the CBX 6000V is an advanced high performance system designed to process several kinds of documents, such as bank cheques, vouchers, postal payment forms, restaurant tickets, coupons and many more.

It can automatically feed, read, encode, cancel, print, scan, and sort :

  ✓ Automatic feeder with single drop slot and double feed detection

  ✓ Reader for MICR (E13B or CMC7) and/or OCR and/or barcode

  ✓ Viewing station

  ✓ Encoder for both OCR and MICR

  ✓ Front printer, front stamping and rear endorser

  ✓ Front and rear high resolution scanner after encoding

  ✓ MICR printing quality verifier

  ✓ 6 pockets sorter (max 4 sorters) + 1 rejection pocket

  ✓ Easy addition and substraction of modules fulfilling any future requirement

  ✓ Optimized size and space

  ✓ Pleasing modern Italian design

  ✓ In compliance with Check21 standard

Compact Processing

Compact and ideal for low volume processing, the ERS 3000 matches the need of small institutions for cheques and documents processing :

  ✓ Automatic feeder

  ✓ MICR and/or OCR reader

  ✓ Viewing station

  ✓ Front printer, front stamping and rear endorser

  ✓ Encoder for MICR (E13B or CMC7)

  ✓ Front and rear high resolution scanner after encoding

  ✓ 3 pockets sorter + 1 rejection pocket

  ✓ In compliance with Check21 standard

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