Our Banking Systems

We amend your processing model through a complementary set of revolutionary web-based solutions

Solving your major challenges

Optimising your operational performance

Increase the governance of your processes across operational areas and help maximise your workforce productivity through our adaptive solutions.

Reducing your processing costs

Contain your processing expenditure thanks to our advanced cheque handling methodology, low cheque printing cost and time saving archiving system.

Enhancing flexibility, availability and security

Control your collaborators access rights and benefit from our secured web based solutions on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Our Solution Portfolio

Cheque Clearing

UBICLEAR™ is an advanced cheque Clearing System designed and developed to assist banks with processing inbound and outbound cheques from the clearing house to financial institution head offices.
It is powerful, yet simple to use.

Cheque Printing

With UBIPRINT™, you get cheque personalisation, ultra-fast cheque book issuing, inventory tracking, fraud minimisation and cost efficiency.
Flexible and effective in-house cheque printing solution for every business.

Banking equipment

Our extensive suite of equipment, beautifully designed and carefully manufactured in Italy by our preferred partner Rototype, represents today's state-of-the-art technology in the banking industry.

We believe that we can offer great solutions to address any challenge.