Banking equipment

Cheque scanners

Modular and modern, the CBX 6000V is an advanced high performance system designed to process several kinds of documents, such as bank cheques, vouchers, postal payment forms, restaurant tickets, coupons and many more.

Compact and ideal for low volume processing, the ERS 3000 matches the need of small institutions for cheques and documents processing.

Designed to take advantage of the latest scanning technologies, DAB 8000 represents the new generation of desk cheque scanners.

Cheque printers

CJD 8000 enables banks to automate the chequebook dispensing process by ensuring an ultra-fast self service issuance of high quality booklets.

CJD 6000 is an innovative cheque printing solution capable of issuing 25 cheques booklets in ONE minute. It is ideal for instant customer request fulfilment in branches and mass back office production.

Deposit systems

MDS 9000 represents the state-of-the-art in deposit systems. It can automatically process a bulk of randomly ordered multi currency cash bills and cheques. Amounts are credited to customer account in real time.

CSD 2002-EC allows customers to deposit a bulk of multi size cheques in a simple, fast and secure way.

Self service kiosks

PK 1000 is a self service kiosk for document processing which can be used for depositing documents and printing informational documents such as a list of operations or complete account operation log.

FPS 3000 is a self service bill payment kiosk designed to process bill payments via cheques, cash or credit card. The diversity of payment methods offers customers a great flexibility and ensures improved customer experience in terms of speed, security and reliability.

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