We are a customer-centric company, delivering innovative business processing solutions

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A focused portfolio addressing key business processing challenges
through innovative in-house developed web-based systems

Banking Systems

Our web-based systems and Italian made state-of-the-art machines are uniquely designed to take banking to a whole new level. Today, you can easily Clear Cheques, securely Print Cheques in-house in no-time and enhance your client banking experience with our unique depositing systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Connecting ideas, people and processes while taking control over your content has never been so easy before. With UBITREE, organise, monitor and govern your business activities from anywhere.
And that's just a glance of what it has to offer.

Public Sector

Built in close cooperation with public institutions from the ground up, our software solutions for the public sector help you simplify your daily work, address citizen concerns sooner, improve planning and reporting, reduce cycle time and maximize revenues.

Why us?

  • Customer-Centric

    We uniquely modify our solutions for each client to ensure business performance is radically improved, commitments are met and users are satisfied.

  • Solid Support

    With all of our solutions, you will receive a solid ITIL standards-based customer support from our experienced team, should you need any help.

  • Continuous Improvement

    We are committed to continuously improving our products, developing our workforce skills and reviewing our processes in order to consistently deliver a high quality of service.

We offer our clients unique technologies to help them reach their goals. Want to try us?